Don’t let the hassle of being a landlord or lack of time stop you from achieving your goal of financial freedom. See how investing together can help you build the better life of your dreams – without all of the risk and headaches.



Many of the clients we talk to dream of owning income real estate but the hassles of being a landlord and running a portfolio just doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle – or their vision. Sometimes, just getting started in real estate can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. By partnering with us, you get all of the benefits of owning real estate: such as collecting cash flow cheques and building long-term, sustainable wealth, while knowing the day-to-day operations are taken care of by our expert team, 24/7. 


It’s no secret that returns on GIC’s, mutual funds and RRSP’s are more than lacking these days. If you have money saved up in RRSP’s and want to fund a more secure retirement with safe, asset-backed investing, then RRSP mortgage lending may be for you. See how RRSP mortgages work here. We also specialize in working with private lenders and partners by leveraging our expertise and market-adaptive approach to provide secured options that exceed most investment targets.


If you are interested in investing and want to learn more about starting your own portfolio or how to raise joint venture capital and want some step-by-step guidance, Sarah is now offering private coaching and guided investing. Get a personalized plan and access to her own team of experts, and receive guidance every step of the way; even if you’ve never invested before. Her expertise in raising capital and methodical approach to building a portfolio will give you everything you need to achieve your real estate goals.

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Investing with Sarah has been a great experience; she clearly knows her markets and really exceeded our expectations. We completely trusted her judgement when it came to picking out the right property and we weren’t disappointed.” - M.P.


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