How To Choose the Right Real Estate Market

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There's always a lot of confusion about picking the "right" real estate market to invest in; you read newspaper articles, hear stories from your friends and it seems like there are just SO many options! Some investors make the mistake of "market-hopping" when a certain area becomes trendy, rather than sticking with the market they know, understand and might be boring (please remember that boring is good when it comes to investing!).

There are some basic economic fundamentals, statistics and findings that will help you determine whether a market is suitable for real estate investing. Since I'm mostly a buy-and-hold investor that invests for positive cash flow and not for speculative appreciation (like EVERYONE should be doing btw!), these are the signs and statistics I look for, before choosing a market. Also keep in mind that the current economic climate and housing trends may throw these off a bit. There is a greater "real estate cycle" that encompasses the entire country, or at least the province, that might determine the strategy you use in that particular market. However, these are still helpful guidelines in ANY market, in ANY point on the real estate cycle, that if you follow carefully, should get you through any economic downturns.

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