5 Worst Flipping Mistakes You Can Make

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There's always a lot of confusion about picking the "right" real estate market to invest in; you read newspaper articles, hear stories from your friends and it seems like there are just SO many options! Some investors make the mistake of "market-hopping" when a certain area becomes trendy, rather than sticking with the market they know, understand and might be boring (please remember that boring is good when it comes to investing!).

Flipping is not an HGTV dream. It's stressful, time-consuming and reallyyyy easy to screw up. It's something I highly recommend that first-time investors get a mentor or a partner to join with them on their first project. You hear so many horror stories about people losing their shirts, but most of my colleagues make millions doing it right.

If you follow the right formula and don't make these mistakes, you can be successful at flipping too. Just be aware of these common mistakes before going in, do your research and be prepared for anything. There is always money to be had in real estate investing, but with flipping in particular, you always want to be conservative with your numbers and build in appropriate buffers to avoid major losses. Hope you enjoy the video!

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