How To Analyze An Investment Property in Under 10 Minutes!

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If you've ever been stuck on the spot trying to analyze an investment property, or you want a quick, tried-and-true method to decide if you want to spend more time investigating it; this is a GREAT quick method.

Also called "The Napkin Method", you can do this quick cash flow analysis quickly on the back of a napkin (hence the name). I use it often to get a feel for a particular property and whether I want to proceed in spending more time on an in-depth analysis, or if someone want a quick yes or no.

This is by no means a comprehensive analysis, and doesn't account for other factors like potential renovations or improvements, location, or appreciation. That's why it's called the quick analysis method: it's meant for screening purposes only. I highly encourage you to always do a full, comprehensive analysis before deciding if an investment is worthwhile. I can' STRESS THAT ENOUGH.

Please do your homework, pleaaseeee before buying anything. And it NEEDS to be cash flow positive from day one! No exceptions, you hear?

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