How to Use Social Media to Raise Capital + Attract JV Partners!

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Social media: whether you love it or hate it, it's here to stay! When it comes to marketing, companies using social media are experiencing exponential success compared to traditional marketing methods. That's because there is no other type of platform that allows you to get in front of hundreds -- even thousands -- of people at one time, with minimal effort.

How many networking events or talks could you physically attend in order to raise enough capital or joint venture partners to scale your portfolio? My guess is "not enough". But with social media, you're able to get in front of a captive audience who sought you out, WANTING to hear what you have to say. Those who don't, just won't tune in. So your pool of potential JV's and partners are already motivated and interested. Now all you have to do is close them.

Social media is also such a powerful tool when it comes to showing your expertise about what you do and even better: who you are as a person. I always say that raising money has more to do about the relationship than the numbers, and what better way for people to see the person underneath the numbers than videos or posts on social media?

That being said; most people don't even know where to start when it comes to actually "selling" on social media. There are specific strategies and techniques that are very different from the cat photos you upload to your Facebook.

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