Raising Capital Group Coaching Program

Learn How to Raise Capital and Attract Joint Venture Partners!


Imagine in 90 Days:

  • You’re finding amazing off-market properties and can analyze and package a JV deal; the type that have investors RUNNING to you!

  • You have a powerful brand, website, social media and online presence that drives interested investors to reach out to YOU, every day!

  • You know EXACTLY where to find money partners and have completed presentations, agreements and pitches to sell the deal: and then close it firm.

  • You know how to complete a joint venture from start to finish and are the undisputed expert in your field. Investors are reaching out to you EVERY DAY, excited to work together on your deals.

  • If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for: it’s not a dream. It’s your dream program!


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Why Me?

After 2 years of perfecting my system, I’ve successfully raised almost 8-figures in capital, grown a multi-million dollar portfolio using none of my own money and now, I want to teach you to do the same.

I was able quit my well-paying corporate job and work entirely from home, and now I get to travel where I want, when I want. And still raise as much capital as I need on-demand.

I’m also a master marketer that is obsessed with finding new and creative ways to raise capital and attract joint venture partners.

I’ve developed systems that can be completely automated and done from behind a computer screen so that you can leverage your time and do what you do best. I buy over 20 properties per year; from residential conversions to 20+ unit apartment buildings and want to show you how to grow a portfolio FAST.

If you’re ready to jump on the same train, then there’s no time to lose!


What You Get

Want to get 1:1 interaction with me, for HALF the cost and in an incredibly supportive group setting? That’s what this group program is all about! You’ll get weekly live coaching, a private Facebook group, recorded sessions and all of the documents and content you need to level up your raising capital game.

If you really want to level-up your real estate investing, and grow a multi-million dollar portfolio without using your own cash; working in this group with me will help you fast-track those results.

+ Week 1

  • We dive deep into your investing goals to develop a long-term investment strategy that works for you
  • We work on developing your brand and getting the designs put in motion
  • Using my cirlce of influence method, you'll start talking to investors from Week 1

+ Week 2

  • Logo design, business cards + social media profiles
  • We cover joint venture structures, legal outlines and the JV process in-depth from start to finish

+ Week 3

  • How to find and analyze off-market deals
  • In-depth dive into social media best practices
  • Developing your power team

+ Week 4

  • Advanced social media strategies
  • How to write content & how to book meetings with investors (scripts + systems)

+ Week 5

  • Designing presentations, pitches and deal pro formas
  • Establishing your niche + expertise
  • Creating your lead flow systems and online automation

+ Week 6

  • How to consistently book calls & meetings with investors
  • Implementation of social media content, videos and funnels
  • Advertising and writing newsletters

+ Week 7

  • Actively working on the pipeline of deals
  • Managing a database & automating email sequences
  • Designing your own JV agreement & lending documents

+ Week 8

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of doing a JV deal (you'll probably have one at this point!)
  • Practicing objections & perfecting your system and presentation
  • Advanced deal structures: VTB, Agreements of Sale, & Commercial

+ Week 9

  • Reviewing systems & procedures to tweak if necessary
  • Advanced lead generation techniques for investor leads
  • Optimizing social media strategies

+ Week 10

  • Follow-up of JV procedures
  • Set-up necessary accounting, legal and tax structures for your business
  • Continue to book meetings and engage with investors

+ Week 11

  • Develop efficient spreadsheets & bookkeeping systems
  • Organize online files & create a scaleable business
  • Determine tasks that can be delegated or made more efficient

+ Week 12

  • Review and follow-up of goals & strategies
  • Last review of marketing & social media strategies
  • Design an actionable, step-by-step plan to continue moving forward and growing

The program includes 12 live coaching sessions, with individual Q&A, and a personalized investing strategy designed to launch you to 7-figures and beyond.

You’ll be given all of the tools YOU need to grow your real estate portfolio and raise some serious capital. By the end of 3 months, you’ll be able to confidently get joint venture partners and raise capital, with all of the knowledge and tools by your side!


What's Included?

  • Three Months Of Live Group Coaching

  • Twelve 1.5 hour coaching calls

  • Live Q&A time on each call

  • UNLIMITED email access to me

  • All calls will be recorded if you miss one or want to review

  • One “freebie” 1:1 coaching call with me if you miss a session

  • Exclusive Facebook Group with additional videos, training and support from me and fellow members

  • Complete set-up of branding, website and lead capture systems

  • Contracts, templates, checklists and presentations to give you everything you need to become a JV expert, fast.

    (A complete “done-for-you” package of social media & website is available. Please inquire)

Investment: $1,500

Next Group Starts September 25, 2019

Raising Capital Group Coaching
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You Deserve to Achieve Your Dreams

Real estate investing isn’t just about buying properties; it’s about creating the life you want.

We all get capped out of mortgages and cash eventually.

But you don’t have to stay stuck. No matter how impossible things may seem; I know you can get to those dreams.

Quitting your 9-5. Security for your family and their futures. Enough cash flow to go on as many vacations you want and never worrying about money again.

That’s what this is about.

You just need the right systems to raise unlimited capital.

Grow your portfolio as large and fast as you want.

You deserve to have financial freedom and the life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s your chance to get it all: with me as your coach, teammate and partner along the way.

So what are you waiting for?

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Have Some Questions?

I understand that this is a HUGE step and sometimes, taking that first one is the hardest. I also provided you with a lot of information. I know that if you’re here, it’s because you ARE serious about real estate investing, and want to grow a portfolio so that you can enjoy financial freedom.

That’s why I’m making myself available for a free, 30-minute strategy call to answer any of your questions. I want to hear about what’s holding you back and give you some practical insights that you can use today, even if we don’t work together. So book a strategy call, and let me guide you along the way!


If you still have questions about the program, or just want some additional support, please contact me below!