With GIC’s and mutual funds giving some of the lowest returns in history, even your RRSP’s are not promising a fruitful future. Maybe your company encouraged you to opt-in to a program, or your bank highlighted how safe and secure your retirement will be by maxing out your RRSP contribution each year. Now, you’re either on the road to retirement, or already there, and are woefully disappointed by the lifestyle your RRSP can provide you. But what if there was another way?

Owning real estate is not for everyone, even if you spread the risk by partnering with an experienced investor. We get that. But what if we told you that there is a little-known option that is fully-approved by banks — even your bank? Withdrawing your RRSP funds will trigger tremendous penalties and taxes, which we certainly don’t want. Instead of withdrawing your RRSP’s or taking it out in drips, we can help you structure a mortgage within your self-directed RRSP fund. No tax triggering, no risk. One of the greatest benefits to holding a mortgage within your RRSP is that not only will your investment be protected by a real, physical asset; any mortgage payments made to you will be deposited back into your RRSP, and it won’t affect your maximum contribution.

You get treated exactly like a bank and can set almost any amount of interest you feel comfortable, while knowing that your investment is backed by a real asset. Does 8-15% interest sound better than what you’re making on your RRSP’s now? We thought so. For more detailed information on RRSP mortgages, we highly suggest you read some of the information here and contact your tax accountant and an experienced mortgage broker. If you’re interested in some of the projects we have currently; we would love to discuss these further with you, and how we can safely and securely help you utilize your RRSP funds for the better future that you deserve.


If you love the idea of investing in real estate, but aren’t interested in a stake in the property and simply enjoy the interest created through private lending; we offer multiple strategies to ensure consistent, secured results. Our team has years of experience utilizing private funds in a variety of ways; through buy-and-hold portfolios, flip projects, commercial redevelopment and even rent-to-own. We treat each lender’s unique requirements and risk-aversion in a personalized fashion; ensuring that we utilize each investor’s funds in the vehicle that suits them best.

Often private lending requires creativity and we are always open-minded when structuring the best solution for our lenders. Combinations of private-term options and stakes are an alternative, as well as syndicated funds for larger projects. If you have funds you’re considering and just don’t know all of your options, give us a call and let us plan the best strategy for your long-term wealth solution.