Raising Capital Course

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Raising Capital Course


If you’re ready to dive into raising unlimited capital for your real estate portfolio and learn the EXACT steps to attracting money partners, doing joint venture deals and running your portfolio like a business, then this course is for you! You’ll also dive deep into actual scripts, presentations and a step-by-step walk-through of all of the legal paperwork. The modules are 1 hour of content each, along with slides. The modules covered are:

  1. Knowledge and Expertise

    • Identifying your strengths as an investor

    • How to pick a specific niche in real estate

    • Developing yourself as an “expert” in your field

  2. How to Attract Joint Venture Partners

    • How to effectively brand yourself and attract partners

    • The best sales techniques to use

    • Developing an unstoppable sales pitch

    • How to use social media to get an unlimited flow of leads coming to YOU on autopilot

  3. How to Find Joint Venture Partners

    • How to identify your perfect JV partners

    • EXACTLY how and where to find them (3 Spheres)

    • How to approach and pitch a deal to get a YES every time

    • Confidently handling objections

  4. Pitching “The Deal”

    • Step-by-step scripts to close the sale

    • How to put together an irresistible investor presentation

    • Exact steps to book the meeting, and then get a YES! to your deal

    • The paperwork system you absolutely NEED to lock in your investor for life

  5. The Legal Process

    • How to negotiate splits and returns of the deal

    • Creative ways of structuring a joint venture partnership

    • Using hard money/private lenders

    • 3 major legal pitfalls to avoid

    • The EXACT step-by-step legal paperwork system you have to follow, along with example JV agreements, cheklists and documents

  6. Systems and Follow-up

    • How to effectively communicate with your partners before, after and during the transaction

    • The EXACT template I use to follow-up with my JV partners

    • How to get multiple deals and referrals from ONE JV

    • Preparing a year-end financial spreadsheet

    • The best software and systems I use to run my portfolio like a business

You’ll also get BONUS checklists and example of actual scripts and the slide deck of the presentation. Let’s go raise unlimited capital so you can grow a real estate portfolio without your own cash AND achieve those dreams of financial freedom faster!

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